9 Heads Fashion Notebook, Hardcover/*** image0
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9 Heads Fashion Notebook, Hardcover/***

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The ultimate fashion drawing notebook for women's fashion. A high quality hardback notebook covered in luxurious, durable balacron. 144 pages of cool white high quality drawing paper. 125 pages with front and back view 9 heads fashion figures and 19 pages of detailed fashion drawing and design information: more than 400 flat drawings of contemporary fashion garments and accessories step-by-step 'how to draw' diagrams and instructions for all major garment categories drape/points of tension diagrams clothes-on-the-figure drawings showing how to fit clothes accurately to the fashion figure The 9 heads notebook is developed from 9 Heads--a guide to drawing fashion by Nancy Riegelman. It is an attractive, indispensable companion for all who design and draw fashion.  (Nancy Riegelman)