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A Message of Hope, How Music Enhances Reading for Dyslexic Students, Paperback/Dr Marianne Cintron

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A Message of Hope is for parents and educators of dyslexic children. Author Marianne, Cintron, Ed.D. shares her in-depth dyslexia research along with relatable stories. She also includes over fifty scientific-based resources. Dr. Cintron, an educator for nineteen years, has had a passion to share the dynamic results of Enhanced Lateralization (EL) since 2004. Simply explained, music is softly played in an earphone in the left ear while phonics is played in the right ear, both via separate earphones. Each input crosses to the opposite side of the brain, having a profound impact on the dyslexic student's learning. OUTCOMES Typically, students make one to three year gains in just six weeks. Even better, they typically make three to five years gains in one year of concentrated instruction. In a twelve-week study, all the elementary-aged students, tutored by college interns, made significant gains using the Reading from Scratch program. Students selected were reading below-basic and far-below-basic (10%-20% percentile rank). Note that 50% represents an average percentile rank. Significant improvements were found in vocabulary and reading fluency. At the end of the intervention, all the students ranked at 40% without music and 60% with music, placing them in all in the average range Significant improvements were also evident in reading comprehension and writing fluency; however, this data was not included in Dr. Cintron's research. How to Reach Dr. Cintron: [email protected] or How to Order: