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Architecture for Kids, Paperback/Horacio Sanchez

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Contributor(s): Author: Horacio Sanchez Architecture for Kids is a book dedicated to children interested in architecture or design. It provides a visual learning style that helps to develop a design in thinking mentality and a photographic memory. In other words, kids will learn to see things in a different way, with more detail, focused on the design and space of elements. In this book, the author will show you how architects develop ideas from single forms like squares, rectangles, circles, or even triangles--geometric forms that kids study in school and that can identify in places that kids visit in their daily life or at home. Kids will also see how color, textures, and light play with the other elements create buildings, public spaces, parks or plazas, and cities or landscape. Architecture is an art and a discipline that helps you transform your creativity and ideas into something real. This book is for you, future architect or designer. If you decide to follow the architecture path, I can guarantee you that it is going to be an amazing journey