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Awesome Trivia For Kids: Strange And Interesting Fun Facts About The World, Presidents, Science, Animals, Dinosaurs And Space/Michelle L. Fischer

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Did You Know? In 2006, Barrack Obama received a Grammy Award for his audiobook voice. Are you interested in learning about the world, the universe, and the galaxy? Awesome Trivia for Kids is a fact book for children containing many universal facts. The world has many interesting facts that captivate everyone especially the children. Many kids have an insatiable thirst for facts about the world starting from dinosaurs, outer space, history, to geography and anything else that their minds can grasp. With the many apps, kits, games, and electronics filling today's world, we might forget that science and fact books continue to be a fascinating and fantastic source of education and entertainment. In Awesome Trivia for Kids , the authors teach facts about the world through memorable, fun, and engaging content. The book offers the readers factual information about the universe in a fun and educative way. These are a few facts which the readers will find interesting: The world is actually a very big and complex place where there are different people, things, and places. Africa is the second largest continent with 54 countries.The strangest fact of Antarctica is the ice glacier called blood fall.The constellations, the Milky Way, and everything else found in the galaxy exist in a space referred to outer space.All 45 presidents in the United States have been men.There are many types of dinosaurs identified across the world for instance Tyrannosaurus rex , Spinosaurus , Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus .The first computer ever built was the size of an entire room, and it weighed 27 tons. It was called the ENIAC. And many more Start Your Exploration Today By Clicking On The "BUY NOW" Button