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Bad Apple: The Baddest Chick, Paperback/Nisa Santiago

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Description Young and beautiful, seventeen-year-old Apple believes there's one thing she can do better than anyone -- herself. Her selfish actions turn fatal in a New York minute when she gets tangled up with a ruthless loan shark. He wants his payment in blood with interest. Apple goes undercover to try to clean up her mess, but the lines between vengeance and reality begin to blur. Apple steps into her role as a sadistic bill collector and main chick a little too easily. Apple's twin sister Kola is leading a fast life of her own with an escort ring. Though she's making long money, she's not satisfied with second best, and she sets out to knock Apple off. Her wicked scheming explodes into the ultimate betrayal. Nisa Santiago's tale of beautiful sisters from Harlem proves that when sibling rivalry spins out of control, loyalty is just a word on the streets of the Big Apple.