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Beyond the Final Frontier - Mihai Fatu Efori

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Beyond the Final Frontier. Everything for the Theory of Everything. An Epistemological Study We are intelligent beings. This is why we are preoccupied with these questions: Who are we? Where are we coming from? Where are we going? But besides intelligence, we are endowed with yet another quality of the mind and this is why we are troubled by even more enigmatic problems: Does God exist? Do we, humans, have a soul or are we just the superior product of the evolution of matter, simply emerged from the Big Bang? This book is a provocation: set aside your intelligence for a while, at least for the duration of the journey we invite you on. We will travel as far as possible and surprisingly, we are not going to navigate with our intelligence but with the other quality of our mind. It will guide us to the last frontier of matter, to the last frontier of time and to the last frontier of knowledge. We will set out on this trip armed on one hand with what scientists tell us they discovered digging deep inside our universe, deep inside matter and deep inside time and on the other hand also with what religion reveals for us. Who is telling the truth: science or religion? In the end we will be surprised to find out that atheists and believers contradict each other absolutely in vain. In fact, they all say the exact same thing. Do you think this is a paradox? You are right. This is what your intelligence thinks! But this paradox is an impediment only for your intelligence. Our skillful guide will help us overcome this apparent set-back. Do you want to know how? Open the book.