Boat Repair Made Easy -- Engines, Paperback/John P. Kaufman

Brand: Bristol Fashion Publications

Genset, Diesel Engines And Transmissions, Gasoline Engines And TransmissionsOutboard EnginesGenset: Types, sizing and usage; Advantages of each.Diesel Engines And Transmissions: Cooling systems, Fuel controls, additives and filters, Exhaust systems, Proper engine room ventilation, Engine electrical system, Power take-off, Oil changes, Tune up, Types of transmissions, Transmission cooling systems.Gasoline Engines And Transmissions: Cooling systems; Fuel controls, additives and filters; Exhaust systems; Proper engine room ventilation; Engine electrical system; Power take-off, Oil changes; Tune up; Types of transmissions; Transmission cooling systems.Outboard Engines: Maintenance concerns and common repair problems relating to engines up to fifty horsepower.Appendixes: Addresses and phone numbers for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers; Tools and supplies needed; Thorough glossary of boating terms.