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By the Sea, Paperback/Laughing Elephant Publishing

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Beaches hold a powerful appeal for children. It is for them a place where they are free to play, build, and discover. The place where land and sea meet enfolds them, and there they seem to blossom in a timeless paradise. The combination of dramatic natural beauty and childhood joy is one that holds great appeal to childrenas book illustrators, resulting in a wealth of images of children enjoying the pleasures of sand and sea. We have assembled from our library of vintage childrenas books the images for this simple shaped book, and paired them with a text, which celebrates a from the point of view of a child a the many appeals of life on the beach. Artists include: Pelagie Doane, Henriette Willebeek Le Mair, Millicent Sowerby, Susan Beatrice Pearse and Jessie Willcox Smith.