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Cactus Hotel, Paperback/Brenda Z. Guiberson

It is another hot day in the desert. Birds and other animals scurry about looking for food. When they get tired they stop to rest at a giant cactus. It is their hotel in the desert Many different animals live in the cactus hotel. It protects them; and they protect it, by eating the pests that could harm the cactus. The cactus grows larger and larger and will live for about two hundred years. When one animal moves out, another moves in. There is never a vacancy in the cactus hotel. This story--about a desert, a giant cactus, and the animals who live in it--is one that even the youngest child will understand and enjoy. Parents' Choice Award IRA-CBC Teachers' Choice An NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book An NCTE Notable Trade Book in the Language Arts