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Choose Hope: (Always Choose Hope), Paperback/Elizabeth J. Clark

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Most people have never thought much about hope. They may think hope is the same as wishing or optimism, or they may assume everyone hopes the same way they do and that it means the same thing. In actuality, hope is a complex emotion, and how people learn to hope and the meaning and importance of hope varies from person to person and from family to family. This book will help you find and use hope in your everyday life, whether you are facing major stress, a serious illness, a personal or family crisis, or a pending loss. It can help you support a loved one or friend whose hope is low. If you are a professional caregiver or community leader, it will encourage you to reclaim and renew your hope. Hope is powerful--more powerful than fear or despair or even grief. Your hope always stands waiting, ready to help you cope and move forward. No matter how difficult or dire the situation, hope is possible and necessary. Never give in to hopelessness. Instead, choose hope. Always choose hope.