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Church Security: 360 Degrees, Paperback/Robert M. Patterson and Dr R. Patterson

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Brand: Xulon Press

Faith-based organizations face a quandary when setting up security departments and protecting their entities. A leader's call should be to remain peaceable and loving toward their enemies; it is their duty as leaders of the church to defend the flock against attacks, crime, and slander. The chilling reality of today's time is that unexpected, violent individuals or groups often perpetuate deadly acts against innocent people and community institutions because of sociological, psychological, and biological factors. These dangers exist in public records, and entire communities of people are at risk, including faith-based organizations such as churches, schools, and commercial and public buildings. The first step in preventing attacks and other crimes at faith-based organizations is to select, train, and educate security personnel. Security consciousness is a necessity for leaders and members of community institutions. Always approach the specific steps toward greater security in a spirit of calm professionalism, not alarmed panic. The faith-based community should be mindful of the need to balance vigilance with an open, vital, supportive atmosphere which is the essence of places of worship. Our lives depend on it.