Cultural Topographies of the New Berlin, Paperback/Karin Bauer

Brand: Berghahn Books

Description Since Unification and the end of the Cold War, Berlin has witnessed a series of uncommonly intense social, political, and cultural transformations. While positioning itself as a creative center populated by young and cosmopolitan global citizens, the "New Berlin" is at the same time a rich site of historical memory, defined inescapably by its past even as it articulates German and European hopes for the future. Cultural Topographies of the New Berlin presents a fascinating cross-section of life in Germany's largest city, revealing the complex ways in which globalization, ethnicity, economics, memory, and national identity inflect how its urban spaces are inhabited and depicted. About the Author Jennifer Ruth Hosek is Associate Professor of German at Queen's University, affiliated with Film, Gender, and Cultural Studies. Her scholarly projects include the monograph Sun, Sex, and Socialism: Cuba in the German Imaginary , the documentary Rodando en La Habana: Bicycle Stories , articles on a range of topics, and the telecollaborative learning platform www.linguaelive.ca.