Defectors, Paperback/Joseph Kanon

Brand: Washington Square Press

The bestselling author of Leaving Berlin and Istanbul Passage ``continues to demonstrate that he is up there with the very best...of spy thriller writers`` ( The Times , UK) with this ``fascinating`` ( The Washington Post ) novel about two brothers bound by blood but divided by loyalty. In 1949, Frank Weeks, agent of the newly formed CIA, was exposed as a Communist spy and fled the country to vanish behind the Iron Curtain. Now, twelve years later, he has written his memoirs, a KGB- approved project almost certain to be an international bestseller, and has asked his brother Simon, a publisher, to come to Moscow to edit the manuscript. It's a reunion Simon both dreads and longs for. The book is sure to be filled with mischief and misinformation; Frank's motives suspect, the CIA hostile. But the chance to see Frank, his adored older brother, proves irresistible. And at first Frank is still Frank--the same charm, the same jokes, the same bond of affection that transcends ideology. Then Simon begins to glimpse another Frank, capable of treachery and actively working for ``the service.`` He finds himself dragged into the middle of Frank's new scheme, caught between the KGB and the CIA in a fatal cat and mouse game that only one of the brothers is likely to survive. ``A finely paced Cold War thriller withKanon's] usual flair for atmospheric detail, intriguing characters, and suspenseful action`` ( Library Journal ), Defectors takes us to the heart of a world of secrets, where even the people we know best can't be trusted and murder is just collateral damage.