Doctor Strange Vol. 3: Blood in the Aether, Paperback/Kevin Nowlan

Brand: Marvel Comics

Will Doctor Strange survive his foes converging and attacking him all at once? Journey back to the first days of Doctor StrangeHow did Stephen Strange become the Sorcerer Supreme - and how has he lost it all? In the present, Strange is on the brink of death, his magic nearly depleted. Sensing the Master of the Mystic Arts is at his weakest, his greatest foes will return from the shadows, ready to strike - starting with one of his oldest rivals, Baron MordoBut as a parade of bad guys line up to take their shot, one of Strange's newest enemies may be the deadliest of all. The Orb, now with the immense power of the slain Watcher's eye, has set his sights on Doctor Strange COLLECTING: DOCTOR STRANGE 11-16