Domino: Hotshots, Paperback/Gail Simone

Brand: Marvel

Description Bully, brawler, mercenary, spiesThe Marvel Universe's hottest new team is on the sceneWhen Domino and her pals Outlaw and Diamondback find themselves caught between warring nations, they'll have to call on a whole new crew of international women of mystery to sort it outBut can the newlyminted Hotshots survive the arrival of the Merc with the Mouth? Picture it: Six undercover, highly trained, armed-to-the-teeth women hunting a device from space that will change life as we know it - but when Deadpool crashes the party, more than just the mission might be blown sky highWitness the birth of the Hotshots in intriguing international espionage adventures that'll have you on the edge of your seat COLLECTING: DOMINO: HOTSHOTS 1-5