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Finding Work You Love | Kirk Snyder

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A three-step career system to help you tap into your own unique value to find a deeply meaningful and engaging job, whether you're a college student, a recent graduate, or a new professional looking for a fresh start.In Finding Work You Love, award-winning University of Southern California business school professor Kirk Snyder shares his proven methods for helping people find upwardly mobile work that matters and exceeds expectations in any chosen profession. Based on principles from the top-rated course he teaches to graduate and undergraduate students, Professor Snyder's "Working You" system is designed to help you identify the strengths you bring to today's new job market--and then match them with a job that rewards you for who you are in the world of work.First you'll take a guided inventory of your professional value: who you are, what you can do, and how you're authentically motivated. Next you'll evaluate possible careers by how well the field, company, and role fits with your personal inventory. Along the way, case studies and exercises from real people who have successfully used this system will help you easily navigate the process. And finally, you'll learn how to turn the right fits from your customized job bank into offers--and a fulfilling and successful career you love.