Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Reloading, Paperback/Philip P. Massaro

Brand: Gun Digest Books

Drawing from decades of experience, author and ballistics expert Philip Massaro provides detailed instructions to help you successfully reload your own rifle and pistol ammunition. In this profusely illustrated volume, the author provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for reloading, along with illuminating discussion of the components, tools, procedures and solutions to common problems encountered in this rewarding hobby. Inside this practical guide: Step-by-step instructions describe how to reload rifle and pistol ammunition for recreational shooting, competition and hunting. Hundreds of photos support detailed descriptive instructions. Hints and tips help you avoid common mistakes. Philip Massaro addresses many different reloading issues and offers information to handloaders of all experience levels, to maximize the results of the hobby. He includes many anecdotes, common to both hunters and target shooters, which help establish a ``common ground`` to which all levels of experience can relate. The author presents this comprehensive material in a thorough, yet easily understood manner that will benefit reloaders of all backgrounds. Philip Massaro pulls from his decades of experience to present this material in a way that is palatable, relevant, and even humorous at times, to appeal to and educate the new generation of shooters. With the experience and guidance shared in this book, recreational shooters, competition shooters and hunters alike can enjoy the benefits of hand-tuned ammunition, while avoiding the common pitfalls and problems associated with reloading.