Hacking Homework: 10 Strategies That Inspire Learning Outside the Classroom, Paperback/Starr Sackstein

Brand: Times 10 Publications

What happens when students actually choose to learn outside the classroom? They become independent, lifelong learners, who never need to be told: ``do your work.`` It's easy when you say Goodbye to traditional homework The research is done, the results are in, the debate is over. Kids hate homework, most parents hate homework, and many teachers only assign homework because administrators say it's school policy. Now, traditional homework is being hacked. Learning outside the classroom is being reimagined, and student engagement is better than ever. A new vision of out-of-school learning World-renowned author/educator Starr Sackstein has changed how teachers around the world look at traditional grades. Now she's teaming with veteran educator, curriculum director, and international presenter Connie Hamilton to bring you 10 powerful strategies for teachers and parents that promise to inspire independent learning at home, without punishments or low grades. In Hacking Homework , Sackstein and Hamilton show you how to: Work around the policies and Break Up With Daily Homework Teach Organization and Responsibility in Class so it translates to home Ramp up accountability and time management skills Establish positive relationships to motivate learning Customize Assignments to Meet Student Needs Be flexible with timelines Encourage Students to Play, so they'll want to work Support innovation and creativity Spark Curiosity Before the Lesson Make connections that generate interest in learning outside the classroom Use the Digital Playground and harness social media for learning Amplify Student Voice and Incorporate choice in how kids learn at home Team Up With Families and model instructional strategies for parents Display Growth and empower students to track their improvement and display their progress Expert educators love Hacking Homework ``Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton have assembled a book full of great answers to the question, 'How can we make homework engaging and meaningful?'`` -Doug Fisher & Nancy Frey, authors/presenters ``I hope this book finds its way into the professional library of every classroom teacher and that it is also read carefully by administrators, policymakers and parents.`` -Ken O'Connor, author/presenter​ Are you ready to say Goodbye to traditional homework? Start Hacking Homework today.