Hairpins and Dead Ends: The Perilous Journeys of 25 Actresses Through Early Hollywood, Paperback/Michael G. Ankerich

Brand: BearManor Media

You survived Michael G. Ankerich's Dangerous Curves 'atop Hollywood Heels. Now take a hair-raising roller coaster ride through the intimate lives of 25 beautiful, ambitious serial queens, slapstick vamps, bathing beauties, and Western heroines. The dark side of Tinseltown dope rings, whorehouses, gin joints, and other gritty hellholes trapped them on their road to bitter and tragic ends. Meticulous research, and interviews with relatives, reveal the ghosts of Hollywood past and a world overflowing with passion and imagination, illicit love, domineering mothers, desperation, greed, abuse, and discrimination. Lavishly illustrated with over 160 photographs, many from family scrapbooks. Actresses profiled include Belle Bennett, Edwina Booth, Lila Chester, Dorothy Clark, Virginia Lee Corbin, Marjorie Daw, Florence Deshon, Margaret Gibson, Jetta Goudal, Alice Lake, Barbara La Marr, Fontaine La Rue, Lolita Lee, Mona Lisa, Katherine MacDonald, Mary MacLaren, Marion McDonald, Evelyn Nelson, Lottie Pickford, Marjorie Ray, Alma Rubens, Jean Sothern, Valeska Suratt, Marie Walcamp, and Helen Lee Worthing.