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Hands-On Science 20 Themes, Paperback/Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Brand: Evan Moor Educational Publishers

Description Never has hands-on science been so easy to do. The complete teacher instructions make the units easy to implement. Hands on Science-20 Themes covers important topics from Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Each of the 20 units includes the following sections: - Teacher resource pages: materials list, objectives, preparation, background information, lab book instructions and answers, a learning visual - Reproducible student lab books: lab book pages present the steps for each activity and provide space for students to write observations and answers. The topics include: - Aquarium - Sun and Shadows - Cold and Heat - Bubbles - Sink and Float - Water - Plants - Life Cycles - Light - Chemistry - Sound - Nutrition - Air - My Five Senses - Animal Behavior - Magnets - Color - Rocks and Soil - Weather - Microorganisms