Harmonic Astrology in Practice, Paperback/David Hamblin

Brand: Wessex Astrologer

Description 'Harmonic Astrology in Practice' takes off where David Hamblin's previous book, 'The Spirit of Numbers: A New Exploration of Harmonic Astrology' comes to a close. The practical advantage of harmonic astrology is that it offers a far richer and more complete insight into the interrelationship of planetary forces than is possible through using the traditional aspects - opposition, trine, square, etc. All of those are based on divisions of the circle by Two, Three, or multiples of Two and Three, but in harmonic astrology we can also study aspects that are based on Five, Seven, or any other number. Using copious case histories which include Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Malala Yousafzai, Leonard Cohen, Winston Churchill, Hermann Hesse, Amma, Rolf Harris, and many, many more, David Hamblin unlocks secrets of the charts which might otherwise remain hidden. A fascinating and impressive study.