Harry Potter Places Book Three - Snitch-Seeking in Southern England and Wales, Paperback/Charly D. Miller

Brand: Novel Holiday

Harry Potter Places Book Three-Snitch-Seeking in Southern England and Wales is the third of five travel guidebooks designed to help Potterites visit the POTTERVERSE: the real-life places described in J.K. Rowling's novels, and the real-life places seen on screen. Twelve of the sixty-eight UK Potter Places can be found west of London, beginning with Picket Post Close in Martins Heron (Site #24)-aka the Dursley's #4 Privet Drive home, including two which deserve a Double-Great-Site Rating Gloucester Cathedral (Site #39) and Lacock Village & Abbey (Site #40) are loaded with recognizable Harry Potter film sites. Armed with HPP Book Three, you will not miss a single screenshot reproduction opportunity in either of these locations, and you'll learn how to expose several popularly-promoted myths about Lacock Abbey filming. While the Forest of Dean (Site #37) isn't much of a film site, it's a Potterly Important Place. Rowling frequently wandered through this forest when she lived in the village of Tutshill (see Site #41), so it comes as no surprise that one of the most important Deathly Hallows camping locations is set there. Snitch-Seeking Chapter 13-J.K. Rowling Childhood Haunts & Severn Bridge (Site #41)-contains a whopping eleven Snitch-Seeking locations associated with JKR's pre-Potter life, such as her once-unplottable birthplace (we found it ), along with her childhood homes and schools. Our Snitch-Seeking Site Entries provide all the information needed to plan and enjoy the most Potterly perfect Southern England and Wales visit No other single source on the planet-no Internet website or previously published guidebook-provides as much Potterly important information in one place. Even if you're not yet ready to embark upon a UK Potter trip, each of the Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks are fun to read Nowhere else will you find so much interesting information about each and every Potter Place. Visit the Harry Potter Places website to learn more about Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks, access the free Potterite UK Travel Supplementums we've posted, and see the Table of Contents for all five Harry Potter Places books. www.HarryPotterPlaces.com