I Love Cake!: Starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose, Hardcover/Tammi Sauer

Brand: HarperCollins

Bestselling author Tammi Sauer's characters are both lovable and mischievous. In I Love Cake , the first picture book featuring irrepressible Moose, orderly Rabbit, and fun-loving Porcupine, Rabbit plans a fabulous birthday party with fun activities and a delicious cake. Porcupine and Moose come to enjoy Rabbit's big day, but everything goes south when impulsive Moose loses control of his appetite With hilarious bits of dialogue throughout, I Love Cake is not only a dynamic read-aloud, it works as an inspiration for a short play. Themes of friendship and forgiveness come through on every page--and the birthday theme makes I Love Cake an excellent choice for a birthday gift