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Ignite Your Female Leadership: Thirty-five outstanding stories by women who are inspiring the world through feminine leadership, Paperback/Jb Owen

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Description Female leaders break tradition. Many lead with a soft hand. A caring tone. A gentle nudge. They guide from a desire to create a winning outcome for both themselves and those around them. Leadership is often accompanied by hardships and sacrifices. Every story in this book touches down with some type of trial. Yet, they also speak of perseverance, intuition, and self-determination. Each author shares how they embraced their IGNITE moment and found a new purpose to confidently go in the direction of their dreams, while graciously leading others. Ignite Your Female Leadership is an inspiring and insightful book by women, for women. Learning to show up as a leader takes courage. The powerful ignite moments of the 35 women featured in this book are an anthem for all women stepping into themselves and finding their powerful vision and voice. This book will IGNITE the female leader in you