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Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory, Paperback/Patricia Hill Collins

Description In Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory Patricia Hill Collins offers a set of analytical tools for those wishing to develop intersectionality's capability to theorize social inequality in ways that would facilitate social change. While intersectionality helps shed light on contemporary social issues, Collins notes that it has yet to reach its full potential as a critical social theory. She contends that for intersectionality to fully realize its power, its practitioners must critically reflect on its assumptions, epistemologies, and methods. She places intersectionality in dialog with several theoretical traditions--from the Frankfurt school to black feminist thought--to sharpen its definition and foreground its singular critical purchase, thereby providing a capacious interrogation into intersectionality's potential to reshape the world. About the Author Patricia Hill Collins is Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park, and the author of numerous books, most recently, Intersectionality (with Sirma Bilge) and On Intellectual Activism .