Journey Back to You: A Guide to Meeting Your Authentic Self, Paperback/Danielle McCarron image0
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Journey Back to You: A Guide to Meeting Your Authentic Self, Paperback/Danielle McCarron

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Description Why are so many people struggling to find joy and meaning in their lives? Far too many of us are unhappy, chasing a dream that isn't really ours, settling for an unfulfilling job or stuck in a cycle of addiction. We end up there due to a disconnect from who we really are. In Journey Back to You, Danielle shares an honest account of the recovery journey she has been on and how she has learned to live an authentic life. She takes the reader on their own journey of understanding and discovering what is hindering them from living their best lives. She outlines simple, practical and insightful practices for everyone to use to make lasting lifestyle changes. Danielle's mission is to empower others to discover who they really are and live in that freedom. At our core is our authentic selves - who we really are. We develop a layer of shame that then tells us we will not be loved if we act authentically. That leads to our shadow and then the development of our core beliefs and fears. What we call our personality is then built upon a false perception of ourselves we have built, and defenses continue to develop. When we are completely disconnected from ourselves, the final layer of addiction will take over. Danielle outlines simple steps through each of these layers, coupled with her own experiences, to allow the reader to release what is holding them back and discover who they really are. The steps are modified for each area but include awareness, acceptance, action, and healing. This book is for you if: - You are finding yourself unhappy, struggling with anxiety or depression - You are struggling with addiction or have released your addiction but can't seem to find your way afterward - You are in an unhealthy relationship you can't seem to let go of - You have no idea what you want to do with your life - You have a plan but can't seem to execute it - You want to learn more about yourself and live authentically. If you know you've been hanging onto blocks like fear, shame, and guilt, but need guidance to release them, this book is for you. If you long for authentic, meaningful connection, but need the inspiration to connect to yourself first, this book is for you. If you know it's time to live a healthy, full life, but need a way to embrace who you are and simply BE the person you know you can be, this book is for you. Danielle's created the perfect map for your healing. Dive in. - Elena Brower, Author of Practice You