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Leaders Listen, Learn and Lead, Paperback/Dewayne Freeman

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Brand: Xulon Press

Are you a leader who is tired of seeing families, churches, and even corporations destroyed due to the lack of leadership in our society? Or do you feel that leadership is within you, but need to know how, and who you are meant to lead? If your answer is ``yes`` to either question, then this book is for youBy showing you how to master the 3 key principles of listening, learning and leading, you will find that this book was specifically designed to assist you in becoming a strong leader, a leader that others want to follow. As a leader, you will be able to lift people's mindsets, and perspectives, showing them how to reach the next dimension in their own lives; and even become leaders themselves. Great leaders duplicate themselves, and make other great leaders. As you get understanding of how to listen, learn, and lead others, lifting the people will be automatic.