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Legal Translation and Beyond - Oana Cogeanu

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Editie in limba engleza A result of scholarly enquiry and professional experience, Legal Translation and Beyond brings together theory and practice in approaching the complex subject of legal translation. The first section, which sets the background, refers to the poetic birth of translation studies, overviews the reclaimed history of the discipline and offers a contemporary, re-centered perspective on translation. The second section, which re-frames legal translation between language and law, discusses translation as a regulated profession and surveys both scholarly and juridical approaches to legal translation, then aims at defining legal translation by clarifying such concepts as legal genre, legal text, legal language and legal discourse; challenging contemporary scholarship in the field, the section proposes original insights into legal translation studies. The third section, which focuses on the curious case of EU translation, analyses the role of translation in the European Union and the relation between legal translation and EU translation, approaching the latter sui generis; the section discusses the specific challenges and unique implications of EU translation for the discipline of (legal) translation studies. Both pedagogical and exploratory, Legal Translation and Beyond is addressed to translation scholars, professionals and students alike. From Table of Contents: • The poetic birth of translation studies • Scholarly approaches to legal translation • Insights into legal translation studies • The role of translation in the European Union • The challenges of EU translation • Good practice in (EU) translation management