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Lincoln Mccarthy, Attorney at Law, Paperback/E. B. Fletcher

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Description "It appears E. B. Fletcher has done it again and created a nascent collection to rival Dr. Seuss. Not only is her work-Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law-fun and whimsical, it is indeed educational with a strong moral lesson. I'm sure this series will delight parents and their children. As a professional educator, E. B. Fletcher helps readers grow and learn, as she provides a listing of new terms for early readers to stretch their imaginations and help expand their vocabularies" (Charlie Finley, senior editor, Verbatim Editing, Richmond, VA). "This book teaches a lesson of integrity depicted in a way that every child will adore. It addresses situations with humor and suspense using animals that children love and can relate to. This book not only has a moral but it could also be used to teach prepositions. This is a great book for all to enjoy" (Tina Becouvarakis, third-grade teacher, Hampton, VA). "Lincoln McCarthy, Attorney at Law is an amazing story for teaching personification through a great storyline and fun characters" (Alicia Reeves, fourth-grade teacher and UVA graduate student). "Agree with canine jurisprudence and your take on lawyers. Thought-provoking for big and little kids" (Steve Moore, UVA law graduate and Hampton lawyer retired]). "Legally funny " (RonThomason, UVA law graduate and Norton lawyer retired]). About the Author E.B. Fletcher has had a long career in education and writing. She has taught in Virginia schools for over twenty years, and is now an education specialist in the private sector. Fletcher has worked as a regular classroom, Title I and Reading Recovery teacher as well as an educational diagnostician, administrative reading specialist, assistant principal and adjunct professor. She has made numerous speaking engagements about reading and writing and the anomalies associated with dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADD/ADHD. Her writings include The Last American Star and Grandfather's Ship the SS UNITED STATES.