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Love's Message in a Dime, Paperback/Shannon Laurie Swerdan

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Description Life Everlasting... Is Undeniable Proof Revealed? Could a simple dime be the "tangible confirmation" of Life Everlasting? In 2016 the author suffered the heartbreaking loss of her mother, Sylvia, to cancer. During her mom's battle, Shannon asked her mom to leave her dimes upon crossing over as a "message" that she was still near. After passing, Sylvia takes her family on a life-affirming journey. What follows are unbelievable and unexplainable "dime messages." These messages continue to show up in such remarkable and unlikely places, that in the reality of their appearances or existence become very difficult to deny. Conveying these messages bring smiles, laughter, comfort and a sense of hope to many who hear them. Soon others begin sharing their own dime messages. Could our loved ones be near... hearing and guiding us? The book is a timeline of the true events that occurred after her mom's passing. Were YOU guided to find this message?