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My Church Is Not Dying: Episcopalians in the 21st Century, Paperback/Greg Garrett

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Brand: Morehouse Publishing

Contributor(s): Author: Greg Garrett "The old way of "being church"--measured by political influence, money, and congregants in the pews--may indeed be vanishing, but it is being replaced by something new and beautiful for those with the eyes, ears, heart, and soul to experience it. Prolific author Greg Garrett reminds Episcopalians of the many gifts that our tradition can offer a doubting and hurting world. He reveals a church that values intellect, beauty, diversity, and community, and promotes thoughtful engagement with questions of faith, ethics, and community. This church espouses a generous orthodoxy, welcoming left and right, mystic and doubter. It values education, social justice, and engagement with literature and culture. And in opposition to the radical individualism espoused by most of American Protestantism, it offers the unique gift of a tradition shaped by English culture that believes the individual is a part of her or his community--not in opposition to it."