Naughty Swear Words Scrambles / Jumbles Puzzles Book for Adults Only!!!: Unscramble the Vulgar Slang-Curse Words, Paperback/Noddy Parts McGee

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You love word scrambles / jumbles puzzles, but you also love swearing like a drunken sailor. Before today you weren't able to combine both of your passions into one single activity. Now you can Leave those vulgarity-free word scramble puzzles book days behind you. Get in on some swear word filled word Jumble activities by buying this book This book is filled with cursing, swearing, dirty words, sex references, vulgarity, nastiness, naughtiness, and everything else that is wrong with the world today. These naughty word scramble puzzles might make you laugh, vomit, cry, or all of the above. Unscramble some obscenities to calm yourself down about the job you hate and the neighbors you hate even more. This Word Scrambles / Jumbles Book is strictly for adults as it is very offensive to anyone who sets their eyes upon it (especially me...I'm very offended)