Notions, Hardcover/John Kelly

Brand: Dedalus Press

Description Constantly inventive and unerringly precise, the poems in John Kelly's debut collection reveal an author at home with both the stand-alone lyric and the longer, apparently improvisational pieces that contribute so much to this book's extraordinary brio and style. The breadth of cultural reference is perhaps a given, but Kelly's real achievement is to make sense of a sometimes teeming eld of vision. From the natural world to the troubled north of his youth, through encounters with art - and its creators - to poems that chart the seismic changes that come with love, fatherhood and loss, Notions is a book full of humour and play, wonder and woundedness. When you bow your head to the soloing thrush, lit like an old friend's soul in the bones of a silver birch. - from 'Winter's Blessing'