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Once in Love, Always in Love, Hardcover/Fr Dick Mauthe

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Brand: Think Change Ventures LLC

Contributor(s): Author: Fr Dick Mauthe Author: Adi Redzic Rich with anecdotes, irreverence, and wisdom, Once In Love, Always in Love is a vulnerable story of a spiritual leader who sought to right the wrongs in the world through the power of inclusivity and love. Driven by a deep sense of rejection and a personal, insatiable thirst for love, Fr. Mauthe transformed what was broken within himself by bettering the lives of others. He does not hold back in expressing his fears, his failings, and his doubts as a way of demonstrating what is possible with an unshakable vision, unequivocal faith, and unrelenting hard work. Fr. Richard Mauthe (1929-2017) was a Catholic priest who spent his life fighting for the underdog, building bridges, and serving those in need. He is credited with establishing the Ecumenical Center (now Mauthe Center) at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and helping find a home for more than 6,500 orphans in over twenty countries. In life, he was recognized by the first John Cardinal Newman Award for Campus Ministry and was selected as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People of the Twentieth Century in Wisconsin. Dick Mauthe was a lion of a man, who spoke truth to power to defend those most vulnerable in our society. This book is his last sermon. Adi Redzic is a writer, entrepreneur, business and life strategist, and a professional speaker whose experiences during the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia imbued him with a zeal to help others, through word and example. His friendship with Fr. Mauthe culminated in this book, which is meant to educate, inspire, and enthrall. All proceeds from the sales of this book benefit the Richard Mauthe Center for Faith, Spirituality, and Social Justice, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.