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Penny Rimbaud: Of Crass, Paperback/Penny Rimbaud

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Brand: Re/Search Publications

RE/Search has been fortunate to have had several visits from Penny Rimbaud and fellow-CRASS founder, Gee Vaucher over the past decade. They come to the United States and to San Francisco full of ideas, creative impulses, energy and the know-how to reach their audience. On many occasions there have been lengthy conversations with Penny Rimbaud, who is equaled only by V. Vale in his enthusiasm and knowledge of things non-mainstream. The book distills some of these conversations into a small, pithy volume, easier to carry than an iPhone, and readable from the bus to the bathtub. About the Author: CRASS founding member Penny Rimbaud has been writing poetry, song lyrics, philosophy and memoirs for 50 years. A drummer, performance artist, environmental activist and philosopher, he claims "breadmaker" as his most prevailing occupation.