Prepared 2: Tombs & Dooms for 5th Edition, Paperback/Jon Sawatsky

Brand: Paizo Inc.

Contributor(s): Author: Jon Sawatsky A Dozen 5th Edition One-Shot Adventures for Levels 1 to 15. So, your players went off on a tangent? Never fear--Prepared 2 offers GMs quick solutions to keep the game moving and players entertained, while you figure out your next move. Here are short, one-shot adventures for every environment, including: -A goblin machine of war rampaging through the city -Breaches in the ice opening the door to madness from the stars -A blight of oozes across the land and a mysterious crypt at its center -A long-forgotten boring machine and its crazed automaton pilots -A walker, one of the leviathans of the wasteland, is being steered by the darakhul to intercept a city -A sinister cult comes a calling during a ship cruise -A play in the feylands goes terribly wrong -A dragon's lair by the sea -...and much more, lavishly illustrated with maps by Meshon Cantrill With Prepared 2, designer Jon Sawatsky has created fantastic and highly playable 5th Edition fantasy scenarios ready to use in any fantasy campaign setting, at a variety of PC levels. Never be caught without a plot again These adventures feature monsters from the core 5th Edition MM and from the Tome of Beasts.