Submissive Training: How to Be a Better, Naughtier Submissive for Your Dominant Partner and 30 Hottest Sexual Scenarios with Illustrations, Paperback/Joshua Matthew

Brand: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

SUBMISSIVE TRAINING Thinking of becoming a slave to Christian Grey? Or perhaps you simply wish to learn more about the world of BDSM, and discover what it takes to really become a full-fledged submissive? Either way, this would be the book that will teach you how to become a better, naughtier submissive through the following topics: Understanding the psychology behind D/s relationships, how you can get into one and tips to ensure your safety and well-being for the long-haul. A brief introduction into the realm of BDSM, i.e., Bondage, Discipline and Sado-masochism Basic knowledge on submissive training in the perspective of a submissive Tips to please your Dominant partner through conditioning, rules and protocols and even pain tolerance techniques 30 sexual scenarios for you and your dominant partner to explore and apply for the best Dominant/submissive - D/s experience If you really want to know what submissives do/say/feel behind closed doors then this is the book for you.