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Sustainable Future, Paperback/Klaus Wiegandt

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Brand: Haus Publishing

Our global climate is changing--in more ways than one. As technology rapidly improves and the world becomes ever more interconnected, it seems that the pace of everyday life is always quickening, the scope of our concern always widening. We have only just begun the work to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. Considering subjects as diverse yet interrelated as the earth's water resources, renewable energy sources, climate change, the demise of diversity in plant and animal life, overpopulation, and malnutrition, this book collects and accessibly presents the most up-to-date research on subjects of major global concern from twelve leading scientists.  The emphasis on an interdisciplinary understanding of these issues is key; economic, political, and social science concepts must be considered realistically alongside natural and biological sciences in order to develop a comprehensive set of solutions for these issues. A Sustainable Future provides us with the tools to make up our own minds about sustainability, the future of our planet, and where global attention and resources must now be focused. The cost of inaction is alarmingly high, yet a huge number of people remain uninformed about the consequences of doing nothing. A Sustainable Future serves as an introductory guide to the key issues of sustainability and is also a wake-up-call, a plea to society to act, to inform itself, and to call politicians to account.