Takoma Park, Hardcover/Historic Takoma Inc

Brand: Arcadia Publishing Library Editions

The story of Takoma Park begins in 1883 when B. F. Gilbert purchased 90 acres of hilly woodlands straddling the District of Columbia-Maryland border and laid out Washington s first railroad suburb, ideally situated for the families of federal workers. Envisioning a healthful and forward-looking community, Gilbert also arranged for leaders of the health-minded Seventh-day Adventist Church to move to Takoma Park. By the early 20th century, the town was well established, and residents were creating traditions to pass on to those who followed, including an Independence Day celebration that is one of the oldest in the state. Community activism has been a hallmark of Takoma Park since a 1965 plan to build a freeway through the heart of the town. This sparked a citizen-led protest that stopped construction and led to the creation of historic districts on both sides of the D.C.-Maryland boundary line. The city s reputation as a feisty and culturally diverse community continues to be a source of pride, attracting artists, activists, and new residents from countries around the world."