Teachings and Commandments, Book 1 - Teachings and Commandments: Restoration Edition Hardcover, 8.5 x 11 in. Large Print, Hardcover/Restoration Scriptures Foundation image0
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Teachings and Commandments, Book 1 - Teachings and Commandments: Restoration Edition Hardcover, 8.5 x 11 in. Large Print, Hardcover/Restoration Scriptures Foundation

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What is God doing today? Does He still speak to man? Will He speak to you? Find inspiring answers in Teachings & Commandments, the most complete collection of modern revelation available. Millions of Christians and others worldwide are looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ to the earth in glory. Before that long-awaited day arrives, there are biblical prophecies that must be fulfilled, including the presence of true prophets again on the earth. Earnest seekers of truth will find in Teachings and Commandments a great treasure - authentic writings of men who have seen and conversed with Jesus Christ, starting 200 years ago in 1820 and continuing through today. What did they learn? What did God say to them, and what did God say to the world through them? Teachings and Commandments boldly declares that the heavens are open again , and that the prophesied days of revelation and warning are already upon us. This volume contains the most true and accurate compilation of the history and revelations of Joseph Smith, the first modern American prophet. It also includes Lectures on Faith, which was originally published in 1835 as the first part of Doctrine and Covenants, and teaches more about the character, attributes, and perfections of God than any other modern work; and the Book of Abraham as originally restored by revelation to Joseph Smith. This volume also contains the revelations of Denver Snuffer, another witness of the resurrected Lord who has walked and talked with Him, and the Testimony of St. John as restored by revelation. Each of the works in this volume have been diligently compared with the originals in an effort to retain only the authentic text of each, and to discard all changes subsequently made by others. Taken together, the various works included in Teachings and Commandments speak to us through hundreds of revelations containing thousands of words from God, all pertaining to us in our day and time. Of particular interest and value to Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, LDS Mormon, Fundamentalist and even non-denominational ministers and sects, Teachings and Commandments restores hundreds of ancient religious ideas and truths that have been neglected, pushed aside, and forgotten. Its objective is to uncover truth and inspire readers to pursue a relationship with Christ. If studied by faith as a reference, commentary or companion study guide to the scriptures, seekers of truth will find their minds enlightened by the Holy Ghost, and their understanding of God, Jesus Christ and His gospel expanded in unexpected and delightful ways. The six (6) total books comprising the Restoration Edition of the scriptures include: VOLUME 1: THE OLD COVENANTS Part 1: The Old Testament, Genesis - 1 Chronicles Part 2: The Old Testament, 2 Chronicles - Malachi VOLUME 2: THE NEW COVENANTS Book 1: The New Testament Book 2: The Book of Mormon VOLUME 3: TEACHINGS & COMMANDMENTS Book 1: Teachings & Commandments Book 2: A Glossary of Gospel Terms This is Book 1 of Volume 3: Teachings and Commandments. When combined with Book 2, A Glossary of Gospel Terms, these constitute a single volume which accurately reflects the teachings and the commandments that have been given thus far to the world by Jesus Christ in modern times. It remains an open and living canon of scripture. Topics covered in this volume include doctrines of grace and salvation, covenants, pearl of great price, community, Christ, John the Beloved, Lectures on Faith, modern prophets, Mormonism, religion, spirituality, christian church history, Bible education, ministry, leadership, canon law, latter-day saints, the LDS gospel library, scriptures, the second comforter, families, covenants, and fellowships.