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The Bizarro Encyclopedia of Film Volume 1, Paperback/John Skipp

163,99 Lei

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Brand: Fungasm Press

WARNING EVERY MOVIE YOU EVER LOVED MAY ALREADY BE BIZARRO From the first silent movies to the latest YouTube craze, Bizarro weirdness has always been the secret ingredient that glues our eyeballs to the screen. Transported beyond regular life. To places we only dared dream. WELCOME TO THE WILD WORLD OF BIZARRO FILM Where the cheapest outlaw cult flicks collide with the sneakiest big-budget mainstream subversions. Hitting us from every angle. Altering our brainscapes from childhood on. FEATURING: OVER 1,650 ENTRIES in the "Ultimate Bizarro Video Store" 26 DEEP-DIVE ESSAYS by Skipp and Drain Special sections on short films and music videos Tributes to the late, great George A. Romero And MUCH, MUCH MORE