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The Cram-Free Study Method: How to Use Simple Post-It Notes to Laser-Focus Your Studies, Freeing Up Your Time So You Can Do What You Want, Paperback/Steve Klemen

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Are you tired of wasting your life away through endless hours of studying? Whether you're struggling to survive in school or striving to be first in your class, The Cram-Free Study Method provides the solution. Introducing an easy-to-follow method that you can adapt to fit your needs, this resource guide reveals a little-known secret about studying that will free up your schedule so you can actually spend time doing the things you love and succeed in school. Author Steve Klemen developed his unique method as a high school student and went on to graduate magna cum laude from college in just three years-without ever spending more than one hour studying for a final exam Over the past thirty years, he's informally shared his techniques with select students, but now he makes his invaluable tricks and tips available to everyone in The Cram-Free Study Method . Discover how you can win at education armed with sticky notes, index cards, and Klemen's secret system, which also uses kinesthetic learning, as well as an ideal study area. Not only will you become a successful student, but you'll also enhance your life About the Author: Steve Klemen, a senior investment strategist for an asset management company, doesn't have an education degree, but he's a pro at learning quickly and efficiently. In high school, he developed his own unique method of studying that transformed him from a nondescript student to a student graduating seventh in his class-using a system built on less time studying and more time pursuing musical and athletic interests. He continued to use his process at Macalester College, where he graduated magna cum laude in three years with a bachelor's degree in economics and business-and never studied more than one hour for any final exam. Steve grew up in Illinois but currently lives in Burnsville, Minnesota, with two inquisitive and pampered Norwegian Forest cats, Eviana and Taffy.