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The Cursed Coin, Paperback/Culliver Crantz

Description Goosebumps meets Stranger Things in the spooky new middle grade book series, FrightVision . See how it all begins in the Cursed Coin . Are you afraid of everything? Well RJ is. Good thing his little sister, Shelly, isn't scared of anything because the creepy mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac has a few frightening surprises waiting for them, including a cursed coin that puts both of their lives in danger. When the two try to get rid of the coin, RJ realizes its power. The more he holds it, the more he wants to be evil. Will RJ be able to get rid of the coin or will he embrace its power and never be afraid again? The Cursed Coin is just the beginning of the many nightmares that await from the haunted mind of Culliver Crantz and his multiple personalities. Welcome to FrightVision: Your nightmare is ready. Let's begin