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The Definitive Autism Action Plan: Healing Your Autistic Child: Guide for Families, Educators and Health Professional for Healing Autistic People, Paperback/Md Rima E. Laibow

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Brand: Xulon Press

The Definitive Autism Action Plan is a book of hope and help, aimed at parents, teachers and others who care about autistic people and want to help them toward normal, productive, unimpaired lives. Autism is both preventable and curable although the official dogma is that it is neither. Renowned psychiatrist and physician Rima E. Laibow, MD, brings her nearly 50 years of hands-on, clinical experience practicing totally non-pharmaceutical medicine to the families and educators of autistic people, guiding them in understanding, selecting and employing drug-free methods to retrieve the autistic people they care about. The Definitive Autism Plan is written for families and educators of the rapidly burgeoning and highly profitable - for the drug makers] autistic community to assist them in reducing the size of that population, one autistic person at a time The Definitive Action Plan dives head-on into the contentious and politically incorrect, but scientifically essential, issues of vaccination, nutrition, drugs and environmental toxicity, "neurodiversity" and more.Written in simple, non-technical terms, the book is amply referenced with powerful science and is intended as a guide book for those willing and ready to take on the difficult, but doable, task of reversing the environmental toxic disorder called "autism."A special companion website brings updated information, interviews and a forum for families and educators of autistic people to the community.Dr. Laibow is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation,