The French Art of Revenge, Paperback/Mark Beauregard

Brand: Giant Publishing

Description When legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent dies, his longtime lover and business partner Pierre Berg announces that he will auction off their vast private art collection for charity. To celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event, the Grand Palais in Paris hosts a public exhibition of the rare masterpieces, but the celebration ends abruptly when one of the paintings is stolen An anonymous tip leads police to American war photographer Luke Johnson, whose murky connections to Saint Laurent's past make him all the more suspect. And when Luke's friend Beno t is kidnapped and the kidnappers demand the stolen painting as ransom, it seems the only person in Paris who doesn't think Luke is an art thief is Luke himself. Now, Luke must rescue Beno t while dodging the police and matching wits with the inscrutable mastermind who stole the painting in the first place. And everyone Luke meets wants some kind of revenge, including his ex-girlfriend In Paris, the only thing as romantic as falling in love is getting even.