The Hard Way on Purpose: Essays and Dispatches from the Rust Belt, Paperback/David Giffels

Brand: Scribner Book Company

Contributor(s): Author: David Giffels Award-winning author and journalist David Giffels explores the meaning of identity and place, hamburgers, hard work, and basketball in this collection of wry, irreverent essays reflecting on the many aspects of Midwestern culture and life from an insider's perspective. In The Hard Way on Purpose , David Giffels takes us on an insider's journey through the wreckage and resurgence of America's Rust Belt. A native who never knew the good times, yet never abandoned his hometown of Akron, Giffels plumbs the touchstones and idiosyncrasies of a region where industry has fallen, bowling is a legitimate profession, bizarre weather is the norm, rock 'n' roll is desperate, thrift store culture thrives, and sports is heartbreak. Intelligent, humorous, and warm, Giffels's linked essays are about coming of age in the Midwest and about the stubborn, optimistic, and resourceful people who prevail there.   Review citations Publishers Weekly - 01/20/2014 Kirkus Reviews - 02/15/2014 Shelf Awareness - 03/21/2014 New Yorker (The) - pg. 11 - 05/04/2014 New York Times Book Review - pg. 34 - 05/11/2014