The Millionaire Joshua, His Prosperity Secrets for You!, Paperback/Catherine Ponder

Brand: DeVorss & Company

Joshua went from slave to millionaire, and you probably can too. He was born into Egyptian bondage where he experiences limitation of every kind. While still a slave in Egypt, Joshua learned about the power of thought. This gave him hope for a better way of life. Later, while in the wilderness, he learned and absorbed much from the Masterful Moses. After being freed from Egyptian bondage and escaping to the wilderness Joshua acted as a spy in the Promised Land.There he surveyed its vast wealth and unlimited potential. Yet he had to wait another forty years in the wilderness of Paran before being allowed to permanently enter the Promised Land. Joshua made this frustrating period of waiting a time of learning, planning and preparing. Then when the opportunity came he was ready....It is an exciting story, and one that is symbolic of the vast good that can await you in your own life, as you follow through on Joshua's success secrets that are explained in this book.