The Missing Chancleta and Other Top-Secret Cases / La Chancleta Perdida y Otros Casos Secretos (Spanish), Paperback/Alidis Vicente

Brand: Arte Publico Press

Contributor(s): Author: Alidis Vicente Flaca's chancleta, or flip flop, has gone missingShe prepares to investigate the theft: "Pencil and notepad: in hand. Straw hat for disguise: on. Magnifying glass: Check." She interviews each of her family members, all of whom are suspects. Oddly, their stories check out, so Flaca will have to dig deeper to find the culprit. Normally, Detective Flaca a pale, scrawny second grader doesn't allow civilians to read her confidential case files. But young readers willing to sign the confidentiality agreement that appears before the three top-secret cases included in this bilingual collection are in luck Narrated by Detective Flaca in hard-boiled detective style, this bilingual collection of inter-related short stories for intermediate readers will appeal to seasoned and reluctant readers alike. And Flaca will surely inspire a host of amateur private investigators   Review citations Kirkus Reviews - 10/15/2013 Bulletin of Ctr for Child Bks - 02/01/2014