The Politically Incorrect Book of Humor, Paperback/Dr Allen Unruh

Brand: World Ahead Press

Want to sound clever, at the top of your game and the smartest person in the room? It's simple, read, remember and repeat some of my friend, Dr. Allen Unruh's thousands of one-liners. Your friends will wonder how you got so smart, so quick. Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of American Target Advertising My dear friend, Dr. Allen Unruh, speaks boldly and without compromise all wrapped in a blanket of laugh-out-loud humor. I highly recommend this book to everyone for its' insightful wisdom and truth. Dick Bott Sr., Bott Radio Network, Founder and Board Chairman To describe Dr. Allen Unruh's book in one word: It's HUMOROUS. What's funny today? Anything that isn't politically correct. Political correctness stops humor. This book has wit, wisdom, and laughter on every page. It's time to add more fun to your life. "We'll never win the war on women because half the country is sleeping with the enemy." "The new Obamacare emergency number is: 1-800-YOU-DEAD And they have a new drug approved by the IRS called: SENDITOL