The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson, Paperback/Paul Lobo Portuges

Brand: Plain View Press, LLC

Description Paul Portuges is one of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and his Rachel Carson story is the best work I've seen in a long, long time. Bill Benenson, producer The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson is an important, passionate story that needed to be told and hopefully never forgotten. It is a fascinating, moving story, masterly written, about one of the great heroines of the 20th century. Cheryl DuBois, producer, novelist Mr. Portuges and I have worked on several projects together - including one about the Sandinistas, another about racism against Latinos. His scripts are always politically and socially important, a celebration of the human spirit struggling against ignorance and injustice, deeply moving, fascinating stories that should be seen by all. Edward James Olmos, actor, producer, director The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson is intelligent, compassionate, and entertaining--something you have a hard time saying about most scripts these days. And a rare chance for a meaningful performance by someone like Meryl Streep or Susan Saradon, not to mention a good kick in the pants to the men( ) who tried to stop Rachel Carson, that little old lady from Maine. J.F. Friedman, novelist, director, screenwriter Mr. Portuges is one of those writers we wish we had more of in Hollywood - smart, dedicated, and a real craftsman - not to mention he can tell a damn good story that entertains, moves you deep down, and stays with you for a long, long time. Jeffrey Selznick, producer Portuges adapted an impossible story (Behind the Veil) for me, and unlike all the others writers who tried it before him, turned it into a beautiful screenplay that should not only make you cry but get you off your backside and do something about the plight of abused women around the world. Paul Cox, screenwriter, director, producer Paul Portuges is one of the most talented writers I have had the pleasure of working with - a gifted, intelligent, master storyteller. Ray Villalobos, cinematographer